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A Cozy Dog Is A Happy Dog


A Cozy Dog Is A Happy Dog.


There's nothing quite like curling up under a soft blanket and enjoying a Netflix binge or even just taking a nap.

Blankets are a lovely innovation - no one can argue with that - including, your pooch. That's right! Your pooch might enjoy a soft blanket as much as you do.

That's why it's important to make sure they have somewhere soft to sleep just like all of the rest of the members of your family. 

 Science Behind Dogs and Blankets 

This brings up an interesting scientific question, though.

While dogs really do seem to enjoy a nice soft place to sleep, could there be another reason a dog enjoys sleeping with a blanket or pillow, besides the fact that it's warm or soft? 

Yes! There probably is a reason. Dogs have a very strong sense of smell. So, when they curl up with one of your blankets, they might actually also like that it has your scent on it.

Puppies Separation Anxiety

Another dog owner recalled having a puppy with separation anxiety.

The dog breeder suggested that the dog owner let the puppy sleep with a blanket or shirt that the owner had used the previous day to see if the scent helped calm the puppy. Surprising, it did help!

Do Pets' Pads Feel Temperature? 

So, there are a variety of reasons for a dog to like a blanket. Another reason pooches love blankies has to do with their paws.

Some sources say a dog's paws can tell the temperature. So, if they are sleeping on a hard, cold surface, that can't feel good! It's also hard on a pooch's joints and body to always sleep on a cold cement floor.

So, it is good to offer a nice comfortable place for your pooch to sleep. Again, this can be a blanket, pillow, or a dog bed.

It's good for them to have somewhere comfy to call their own, though, for their emotional and physical well being.

So, can dogs feel soft blankets? It's just a theory, but probably. Why else would they always seem to be on a soft surface any chance they can get?

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