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Surprisingly Weird Dog Teeth Facts You Need to Know Now

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Surprisingly Weird Dog Teeth Facts You Need to Know Now

Dogs are lovely bright-eyed creatures that have always been our most loyal companions. So, the urge to know more about them is entirely natural. Right? Check out these pretty cool facts you probably didn't know about dog teeth.

Canines have two sets of teeth in their life.

Yes, it is true. Just like we humans have baby teeth, your snuggle buddy has puppy teeth.

A dog usually has 28 puppy teeth at the age of 3 to 4 weeks. No doubt it looks adorable, and you wish to put your finger in that pinky mouth, beware these sharp little milk teeth are great at ripping through flesh. (follow the no-biting rule!)

Pet Dog Canines Tooth

Dog teeth are alive

Wait, we know it sounds a bit frightening, don't worry, it's not what you are thinking.

A dog's chompers have living tissues. One single tooth has many parts to it. The actual tooth, which is the pulp, is covered by bone. Layers of dentine then cover bones, and dentine is covered by enamel.

Since dog teeth are alive, damage and decay can lead to severe pain. Your fluffy fellow's dental health is way more important than you think. Luckily, from regular brushing, you can save your teeny-weeny fella from any discomfort.

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Pet ToothbrushTale of the 42th teeth.

An adult dog has 20 teeth on the upper jaw and 22 on the bottom jaw. Most puppies finish teething six months after birth. Bowwow, that’s more than humans!


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The Mighty Bite Force

We all have a friend super scared of dog bites. And he should be!

Your lovely canine has a bite strength between 250 to 325 pounds per square inch.

Remember, average humans have a bite force of 120-220 PSI. You better not bother them!

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That's all for today. Don't forget your loyal mate relies on you to take of his dental health. Consult your vet and follow a proper dental care plan. Peace!

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