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Why Do Dogs Sleep More in Winters?

Have you noticed increased hibernating time with your pooch during cold seasons, and wonder why dogs are sleeping more in the winter? While this issue is not new, some breeds can sleep longer than hoe much they do in regular weather. Let us look at some possible reasons why dogs sleep so much on frosty days.

Our dogs may feel super comfortable on a cold day to the point that they also feel lazy. The combination of cold weather and low light conditions makes various dog breeds sleep much more than usual.

Keeping your dog warm

Along with wrapping your dog in blankets, ensuring the heat is on inside your house, and putting him in a warm sweater, you can put booties on hi feet. These booties will keep his paws cozy and protect him from painful ice as well as chemical burns from the salt on roads and walkways. Just make sure you get booties that are water resistant and have flexible soles.

What Can I Do to Keep My Dog Active in Winters?

Cold weather and short daytime make it easy for both our dogs and us to feel lazy. Fortunately, there are ways to help your pooch to avoid sleeping more in the winter. Even with those chilled days, it is essential to stay active and maintain a healthy body condition. Even the weather outside drops, always keep your fido’s optimal health. So, here are some ways to keep your dog active in winters.

Once you notice that your dogs have been sleeping more in the winter, you can help him do several indoor exercises. It includes running up and down the stairs, using treadmills, and even a simple indoor fetch. If you have a long hallway at home, you can play the fetch game using a lightweight ball or any toys that your pooch loves during the summer.

If you know someone who owns a dog, you can also invite them overall and let your dog get along with other breeds. It is suitable for your furry pal’s mental and physical state. Moreover, you can also teach new dog tricks like “stay” or “shake,” and perfect the “rollover.” You can also help your dog behave well, do some doggie chores like not playing on your sleepers, and return its toys. Wouldn’t that be so cool? Winter is the best time to do some indoor fun. Even a few minutes of game time helps in alleviating the winter doldrums.

Play Games

If you have a fun, active, and playful breed, playing games helps dogs sleep more in the winter. Game time with your pup is essential in stimulating its mind and body without venturing too much into the cold weather. You can start by giving treats more uniquely and excitingly. For example, you can use a treat-dispensing toy or play hide and seek of dog treats. You have to let him make the dog treats relatively apparent in the beginning so that you can send a signal that you want to play a game. Then, work gradually in elaborating more difficult hiding places.

If you don’t have enough space, a tug game with your pup is an excellent exercise for both of you. Aside from the intellectual stimulation, war shooting can also be a pretty decent physical workout, helping compensate for at least some of the exercises you can both miss due to the harsh winter weather.

Aside from playing games, you can also give your pooch some excellent massages. Get your dog to lie down and relax on the ground. Then, give it some smooth rub-down to loosen all those unused muscles. You and your dog can do several games while you stay at home, and it is all about finding what would work best for both of you.

Go Out for a Walk

During winter, the best time to go out for a walk is when the day becomes bright. Even a short walk will do just fine and enough to work on those unused muscles. Most dogs enjoy strolling during a brisk day. Take note that some sidewalks become treated with salt or other chemicals to prevent ice, but these elements are harmful to your pooch. 

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