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I POOP. You pick it up. Any questions?

Dog Pooping - Pets Love Surprises

Unusual Facts and Myths About Dog Poop


You are going out on a Saturday night. All dressed up rushing across the front way to your car; Your foot slips, and the next thing you know, it is covered in dog poop. Ah, darn it!

Dog Poop is a topic we least want to dwell on. But if you are a dog owner, it's an unpleasant "thing" you cannot ignore.

Over the past few years, many dog poop related myths have gone viral.

Today, we will drill down the myths to get our facts right! 


Dog Pooping - Pets Love Surprises


Don't Scoop, Taste the Whoop


Leave it there, nobody's gonna know!

Actually, yes, they will know! You do need to clean your fido’s waste thoroughly.

If you plan on running without picking up the poop on someone else's backyard, feel free to expect a pretty visible Black Eye coming towards you.

Plus, if the luck is smiling on the other corner, you may end up with a healthy legal fine costing around $75-$1000!


Dog Pooping - Pets Love Surprises


Nature will Take Care of it.


Do you know dog Poop takes around a year to decompose itself? Whops!

Yes, it is true. It takes a whole year to decay because, unlike other animal's poop, it doesn't help your garden plants to grow. Dog poop can contain unhealthy parasite bacteria, roundworms, and tapeworms that can severely sicken you.

You sure you want these bacteria to run into your severs after heavy rain?



Dog Pooping - Pets Love Surprises


The best way to deal with all these troubles is by using a poop bag dispenser to keep clean the environment. If you also don't like to hold the poop bag around, grab yourself a dog waste holder and keep the unpleasant stink away from your hands.


Dog Pooping - Pets Love Surprises



Stepping in Dog Poop is Good Luck. 


 Well, well, well. This is probably the most acceptable myth around the globe. But there's nothing lucky or meaningful about stepping on a pile of stinky poop. The only meaning here is that you weren't noticing where you stepped.

So you should watch out next time to avoid any unwanted "landings!"


Dog Pooping - Pets Love Surprises


Being responsible pet owners, we must provide our pets a healthy environment to live in.

Share this information with your pet lover's friends and let everyone play their part in scooping the smelly eyesore.

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