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Is Your Dog Happy Now?

Is Your Dog Happy Now?

Dogs usually don't mind displaying sentiments of affection and love. But is your dog happy all the time?


Dogs are cheerful souls willing to overload their hooman with slurpy smooches, wagging tails, and revealing smiles. But just like us, they can also feel a little down at times. So how to tell if your baby is actually happy?

Don't worry, we gotcha! Here are some of the most tell-tale body signs to know if your pup is genuinely happy. Dive in to brighten up your day with these super adorable happy dog signs.

Floppy ears

A happy little soul will have floppy ears resting against the side of his cute head, giving him a calm and ready-to-snuggle look. (So, mommy, you up to snuggle?)


When a pup is extremely happy, he loves to wiggle and shake that body! Wanna snuggle em?

You know you do 😉


Your fuzzball's whole body muscles will look calm and soft. There will be no tension at all.


Puppy smile

You can tell the floof ball is happy just by looking at his open mouth smiley face. Some pups may like to give you a full view of their teeth, but don't worry, it's not in an aggressive manner.


Good behavior

 If your fido is genuinely happy, he will wag his tail a lot and display some good behaviors. He will not show any destructive tendencies.

You can reward his good manners by bringing him an interactive treat dispensing dog toy. This rugged toy is not only fun to move around but also dispenses delicious treats. It's a perfect reward for your good boi. We bet your pooch will love it! 

Lots of sleep 

A healthy and happy dog can sleep for up to 16 hours a day. If your fido is unable to sleep, it's a red alert as he can be stressed.

Wrapping up

Learning about your dog's body language will help you figure out whether he/she is happy or not.

Keep them entertained to add an extra dose of delight to your daily life.

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